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Poultry FAQ

Chicken is a staple in just about every household in the world, but not many are involved before it hits the grocery store shelves: How are they raised? Are there different kinds? What tastes better? What's more humane? We're here to help you navigate these questions and more so you can cook with confidence. Click the question below to get your answer!


I hope that we can answer most of your questions about poultry. If there’s another question that you have about our poultry, or chickens in general, I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch and I’ll get back to you with an answer.

Do you feed any grains, or are they all *truly* pasture raised?

This question comes up a lot, mostly because of the huge benefits of grass fed beef. While cows can survive and thrive on grass alone, healthy grains are a species-appropriate food for chickens.

Our chickens absolutely LOVE to be out foraging for grass, bugs, seeds, and worms 24/7. We have them out on pasture 24/7 once they have enough feathers to regulate their own body temperature. While in the brooder (where they live the first few weeks while they're growing), we provide them regularly with grass, and other plants from our garden and the pasture. Throughout their lives, we also provide them a supplemental free choice non-GMO feed from our local feed mill made with corn, barley, soy, peas, alfalfa, wheat, and limestone. This feed makes up only a portion of our chickens' diet otherwise consisting of bugs, grass, and other plants.

Chickens have a unique organ called the gizzard - this organ actually sprouts and stone grinds grains to make them fully digestible to their system (which is completely different from ruminant herbivores like cattle).

Instead of looking for 100% grain-free animal products, we recommend you look for animals that live outside on pasture 24/7 and are eating a species-appropriate diet. For beef, lamb, and other ruminants, that means zero grains. For chicken and other poultry, that diet includes quality grains as part of a varied omnivorous diet.

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