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Smoked Colby Cheese

Smoked Colby Cheese

8 oz block

Smoked Colby Cheese

Tastes kind of like Gouda, but it's not Gouda.

Semi-soft creamy colby with a smooth, smoky flavor. Not like the smokiness of your grandfather's basement with the wood stove where he also smokes like three packs of cigarettes a day trying to hide the cigarette smoke from your grandmother with the wood stove (but she really already knows and doesn't give a hoot anymore).

It's more like a nice fireplace on a snowy day where you don't have to work or do anything outside and you can just sit and enjoy a drink and a blanket and maybe some Netflix or a good book. Its smooooooooth.

About Chesapeake Gold Farms:

The Miller Family of Chesapeake Gold Farms takes great pride in raising their cows from birth, and feeding them with crops sown, grown, and harvested by them on their farm. All natural products - never any additives or preservatives - right from their farm to your table.