Strawberry Yogurt, Creamline (6oz)

Strawberry Yogurt, Creamline (6oz)

Case of (6) 6 oz cups

Strawberry Yogurt, Creamline

Sweet strawberry flavor with a slight tang

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve definitely eaten this without a spoon while driving right from the container because it’s delicious and one of my favorites for breakfast. I would, however, recommend a spoon. It gets really messy without it.

Creamline means not homogonized, so the creamier thicker yogurt will rise to the top. Just give it a big ol' stir to mix it all together. Or you can pull a “Liz” and just shake the container with a firm hand on the lid to mix it before eating it without a spoon. My advice is to just get a spoon. People won’t look at you as strangely at stoplights.

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