Whole Thanksgiving Turkey (Heritage Breed)

Whole Thanksgiving Turkey (Heritage Breed)

1 Whole Turkey (8 lbs - 25 lbs)

Pre-ordering and deposits will be taken in July 2021 for November 2021 Thanksgiving turkeys.

We are raising 50 turkeys this year for Thanksgiving. They are two heritage breeds - the Midget White, and the White Holland. Both of these turkey breeds are listed with both the Livestock Conservancy and on Slow Food USA's Arc of Taste.

Read more about heritage breed turkeys here on the Livestock Conservancy's website.

The Midget Whites will grow to between 8 and 13 lbs dressed weight, and the White Hollands will grow between 15 and 25 lbs dressed weight, giving you a variety of sizes to choose from to find the perfect turkey for your family's celebration.

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