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Are you searching for food with flavor?

  • Struggling to find a fresh variety of mushrooms?
  • Bored with bland grocery store chicken?
  • Need more variety, quality, and flavor in your kitchen?
  • Time for you to find fresh ingredients right from the farm?

Finding farm fresh, quality ingredients

shouldn't be frustrating. 

Don’t waste your time and money on a bland selection of ingredients from the grocery store, or settle for less than great flavor and fun in your kitchen. You will love to cook with (and eat) our flavorful chicken, and turkey, and wide selection of gourmet mushrooms from our farm!

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Happy Honeymoon Home Chefs

Choice edibles brought from their farm to your table at a very modest price! Lions Mane is my favorite!
Kirk S. (Havre de Grace, MD)
Portabellicious!! If you like a good mushroom, it is a crimini-al to not check these folks out. They grow good mushrooms. No ifs, ands,or buttons about it. Seriously, these folks grow good stuff. Best mushrooms I have had.
Erin A. (Newark, DE)
Their oyster mushrooms were to die for, so glad they came to HdG farmers market!
Kenzie (Havre de Grace, MD)