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Hello there, friend!

We're Liz and Gary Hopkins

We wanted great ingredients to make great food, and the grocery store ingredients just weren't cutting it. We were frustrated with a slim, old selection of mushrooms at the grocery store, and flavorless, "how-the-heck-was-this-raised?" chicken. 

That's why we started Honeymoon Farm.

Gary has been in the mushroom industry for over a decade, he works full time as a commercial mushroom grower and farm general manager. So, we began bringing a wide variety of these fresh mushrooms right to the farmers market, providing the freshest and widest variety right to happy home chefs like you.

In 2020, we decided that it wasn't just mushrooms we wanted to cook with, we wanted to raise our own full-flavored chicken.

Normally, the chicken you find in the grocery store are raised indoors in densely populated chicken houses their whole lives. This same breed of chicken, as it turns out, also does great on pasture, where they have 24/7 access to grass, bugs, dirt, and sunshine (or rain!). We chose to raise this production breed on pasture, along with a heritage breed of chicken, and heritage breeds of turkey, prized for their flavor, and slow grown on pasture to enhance their taste and texture.

We want to invite you to cook great food: to cook with incredible flavor. We know that you're here because you value quality, flavorful, local ingredients, and that's why we're passionate about inviting you into our story. 

We can't wait to grow amazing food for you.

We want to be your farmers - your source for the most delicious ingredients.

Your farmers,

Liz & Gary Hopkins

Why "Honeymoon" Farm?

After we were engaged in 2018, we entered into discussion about how we wanted to spend our honeymoon in the Summer of 2020. After much discussion, Gary expressed that he would rather "spend that money on our forever honeymoon - our Honeymoon Farm."

Liz agreed - and Honeymoon Farm was born!

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