Pasture Raised Poultry

Full Flavor and Peace of Mind

Looking for really good poultry?

  • Are you tired of bland tasting, rubbery chicken and turkey?
  • Wondering how your poultry is really raised?
  • Trying to decipher labels like "cage free" and "free range"?
  • Time to find your local chicken connection?

Chicken raised right... tastes right! and is better for you.

Extensive lab testing on pasture raised poultry has shown that they have nearly three times higher omega-3, and 50% higher levels of vitamin A, D, and E

- Dr. Terry Wahls

Humane, delicious, full flavor chicken & turkey

✓ Pasture-raised
✓ Fed locally milled Non-GMO feed
✓ Hand processed under USDA inspection

What People are Saying

The flavor is great, and since I live alone, the size [of the Poussin] is perfect. Will reorder.
Carole H (Newark, DE)
Honeymoon Farm is answering the call for quality chicken, with the details us chefs love most: flavorful fat, tender rich meat, toxin free - and they have offal!
Chef Stacia Epps (Maison Intimate Catering)

What Makes our Poultry Special?

Click on each to discover what makes Honeymoon Farm chicken and turkey more than "just" chicken and turkey.

  • Pasture Raised
    Pasture Raised
    Chicken & Soil Health
  • High-Quality Feed
    High-Quality Feed
    Locally Milled, Non-GMO
  • Hand Processed
    Hand Processed
    Under USDA Inspection

Pasture Raised Poultry

Liz has been raising chickens since 2016. Growing up with a father who has a passion for birds, it was only natural that she found an affection for these feathered animals. Starting with a small egg laying flock of 15 in her landlord's yard, Liz and Gary have raised hundreds of chickens and turkeys for meat on their pasture. 

When we decided to start growing chicken, we wanted to do something more than just provide you with a staple food - we wanted to be able to give you the big flavor and peace of mind that comes with pasture raised poultry.

While we no longer sell our Chicken and turkey at the farmers markets, we raise a couple batches each year to sell in bulk (at an amazing price) for pick up at our farm in early summer. 

Want to learn more about chickens? Check out our FAQ section, below: