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Chicken Breast (bone in, skin on)

Chicken Breast (bone in, skin on)

2 Chicken Breasts

Bone-in Skin On Chicken Breast (Mad Radish Farm - Dover, PA)

Are you looking for a plump, juicy chicken you can feel good about eating, and even better about the flavor? Taste the sunshine, the fresh air, and the hard work and passion that goes into raising your food...

  • Pasture raised for maximum flavor, chicken happiness, and benefit to our soil
  • Supplemented with locally milled, ORGANIC feed for healthy, flavorful meat
  • Locally processed under USDA inspection for peace of mind and local economic support

These chickens are raised outside on pasture for the best life, and the best flavor. Free to scratch and peck, lounge in the sunshine, eat bug and grass, a happy chicken is a tasty chicken!

  • Two split chicken breasts with ribs and rib meat, averaging 2 lbs per package
  • Frozen and vacuum sealed for peak freshness
  • Conventional breed of chicken (the kind you're most familiar with!)