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Butter, Salted Sweet Cream

Butter, Salted Sweet Cream

1 lb tub

Salted Sweet Cream Butter

Chesapeake Gold Farms butter truly is the cream of the crop!

I used to think that Irish butter you can get at the grocery store was the best butter that money could buy. Then one day, Bob Miller from Chesapeake Gold Farms came by my table at the Havre de Grace Farmers Market with a tub of a brand new product they were going to start offering - butter. I thought, heck, why not give it a shot! It's something else to add to the list of local products I can find made by farmers I know.

Blown out of the water was an understatement. The creaminess of this butter is out of this world. The richness. The flavor. And knowing it was produced literally 15 minutes from my house, and I got it right from the hands of the farmer that takes care of the cows every day!

My favorite way to keep this butter is in a butter bell on the counter. This way, you're guaranteed fresh, perfect spreading consistency butter every time.

At a glance:

  • Made of milk from Chesapeake Gold Farm's herd of Holstein and Guernsey cows
  • Nothing added except salt - simply delicious!
  • Rich, gold color from naturally higher beta-carotene in Guernsey cows milk
  • Consistency and texture of quality European butters
  • Has a higher melting point than butters you'd find in the grocery store - meaning it won't burn in the pan as easily!

About Chesapeake Gold Farms:

The Miller Family of Chesapeake Gold Farms takes great pride in raising their cows from birth, and feeding them with crops sown, grown, and harvested by them on their farm. All natural products - never any additives or preservatives - right from their farm to your table.



Fresh Pasteurized Sweet Cream, Salt