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Dozen Pasture Raised Eggs

Dozen Pasture Raised Eggs

1 dozen eggs

Dozen Pasture Raised Eggs

Because grocery store eggs really aren't that fresh.

The first time I had a farm fresh egg was a moment I won't easily forget. I didn't realize eggs could be so delicious! I had been used to the regular ol' eggs from the grocery store, which, as it turns out, are quite a bit older than the ones right from a farm. Even the labels were confusing to me - what's the *real* difference between cage free and free range? How do I know that these chickens are actually being treated the way I'd want them to be treated?

In comes Flying Plow Farm with their pasture raised eggs. I love getting to see how the hens are doing every time I drive up their long farm lane. You can always find them out in the field pecking, scratching, and dust bathing. They seem to be living their best life!

About Flying Plow Farm:

Farmers/Owners/Husband-Wife-Team Sarah Rider and Tom Paduano (and their whole team at Flying Plow Farm) are passionate about cultivating organic, nutrient dense food to nourish your family, while also nourishing the land.