Plain Yogurt, Creamline (32 oz)

Plain Yogurt, Creamline (32 oz)

32 oz tub

Plain Yogurt, Creamline

It’s plain yogurt, don’t overthink it.

Do you like yogurt? Do you like plain things? Then this is the yogurt for you! It’s plain yogurt, I don’t really know how else to describe it to you.

Creamline means not homogonized, so the creamier thicker yogurt will rise to the top. Just give it a big ol' stir to mix it all together.

About Chesapeake Gold Farms:

The Miller Family of Chesapeake Gold Farms takes great pride in raising their cows from birth, and feeding them with crops sown, grown, and harvested by them on their farm. All natural products - never any additives or preservatives - right from their farm to your table.