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Whole Chicken JUNE (Min 10)

Whole Chicken JUNE (Min 10)


Normally $5.00 per lb, get our local pasture-raised chicken for 25% off ($3.75/lb) by pre-ordering in bulk. 

Butcher date for this batch of chickens is June 7th. 

Pick up date TBD from our farm in Oxford, PA. 

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Bulk whole chicken from Honeymoon Farm allows you to eat local pasture-raised chicken at a much more affordable price than what we need to charge at the farmers markets. Consider that we charge $5/lb for whole chicken, and $14/lb for chicken breast, our pre-order option for chicken at $3.75/lb (where you'll get at least 1 lb of chicken breast off each!) is a BARGAIN... 

Why is pasture-raised, local chicken so awesome?
(and why should you take advantage of this offer?)

  1. Healthier for you: Pasture-raised chickens have access to fresh air and sunlight, which helps to increase the levels of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids in their meat. 
  2. Higher quality meat: Pasture-raised chickens are free to forage in the fresh air and sunshine, which means they are not fed a diet of antibiotics and questionable ingredients like factory-farmed chickens. This results in meat that is higher in quality and taste.
  3. Environmentally friendly: Local and pasture-raised chickens are raised on our small farm in Oxford, PA, and butchered just 30 minutes away in Paradise, PA at a small Amish-owned USDA inspected butcher shop. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting animals long distances (typical in factory farming).
  4. Supports local economy: Buying locally raised chicken supports us small farmers and supporting businesses in your community (us, our butcher, our feed mill, the farmers who sell their grain to the feed mill). This helps to keep money in the local economy and creates jobs in your area.
  5. Ethical treatment of animals: Pasture-raised chickens are raised in a way that promotes animal welfare. They have access to natural habitats, fresh air, and clean water, which helps to reduce stress and promote a healthy life.


  1. You'll place your pre-order for at least 10 whole chickens at a $5 deposit for each.
  2. We'll raise the chicken (and I'm going to try to send you pics and videos on the regular, because how cool would that be?)
  3. We'll bring the chickens to the butcher on June 7th.
  4. The butcher will process them, package them, and freeze them.
  5. We'll pick up the chicken from the butcher (date TBD).
  6. You'll pick up the chicken from us - we'll get the final weight, and charge you $3.75/lb, less your deposit. 
  7. You have a freezer full of local pasture-raised delicious chicken to put on your table

QUESTIONS? Shoot me a text or an email (phone calls are hard with a baby...) 610-470-1307 or farmer@honeymoonfarmpa.com