Whole Country Chicken

Whole Country Chicken

1 Whole Heritage Breed Chicken

Heritage Breed "Country" Chicken

Back in the day, chicken was a delicacy, it was up there with a fine cut of steak! So what's changed? Why can we find chicken for $1.50 per lb at the grocery store (and why is it rubbery and bland?). The answer is simple - the breed of chicken used for meat has changed.

Our heritage chickens are the Delaware breed of chicken - a breed prized for its superior flavor and texture, raised to almost twice as long as the conventional breed used today. Taste the old world flavor of heritage breed chicken, and see why your grandparents raved about their Sunday chicken dinners.

  • Heritage breed of chicken (Delaware) for old world full flavor
  • Pasture raised for maximum flavor, chicken happiness, and benefit to our soil
  • Supplemented with locally milled, non-gmo feed for healthy, flavorful meat
  • Locally processed under USDA inspection for peace of mind and local economic support
  • Raised with complete transparency, and full access to your farmer to ask the questions that mean the most to you

These chickens are raised outside on pasture for the best life, and the best flavor. Free to scratch and peck, lounge in the sunshine, eat bug and grass, a happy chicken is a tasty chicken!

  • One whole chicken, averaging 3.25 lbs each
  • Frozen and vacuum sealed for peak freshness
  • Heritage breed of chicken (the old world flavors your grandparents loved!)
  • Raised on pasture to 16 weeks (plenty of grass, bugs, and sunshine! and almost twice as long as the conventional breed of chicken)
  • Supplemented with a locally milled non-GMO feed (to support proper, healthy nutrition, and the best flavor)
  • Local, USDA inspected processing (to ensure food safety, and support our local economy)