A Fresh Variety of Mushrooms: Classic

When it comes to mushrooms, you want amazing flavor. Honeymoon Farm has you covered. Everything from the classics to the exotics, and the mushrooms in between!

Are you tired of a boring selection of old, spongy mushrooms at the grocery store?

You've heard about the amazing flavor of mushrooms. You've tried what's available at the grocery store, perhaps tried a few exotic mushroom dishes at your favorite restaurant, but the truth is you really want to experiment with them yourself. Perhaps you're feeling adrift in a sea of mushroom recipes. You feel like you don't even know where to start.

Imagine picking up a basket of exotic mushrooms, freshly harvested by your farmer, and taking it home to concoct that to-die-for recipe you just saw in “Bon Appetite” magazine?

…Grab that bottle of wine, my friend. We’re about to make dinner really delicious.