Pasture Raised, Non-GMO Chicken: Offal

Don't settle for your run-of-the-mill poultry any longer. With Honeymoon Farm, you can be assured your poultry has old-world flavor, and is coming from a safe, ethical, and local source.

Are you tired of bland, flavorless grocery store chicken?

You've heard about delicious Sunday chicken dinners back in the day (or remember their delicious flavor), you've heard of the world class flavor of French cooking, and flavorful chicken broth. You've tried the chicken available at the grocery store, perhaps tried the organic brands, but the truth is it still just tastes bland. Perhaps you're feeling like you're adrift in labels and recipes for the best tasting chicken. You feel like you should just give up on finding that gourmet chicken flavor all together!

Imagine picking up a gourmet whole chicken, ready to cook, right from your farmer, and taking it home like you're a French chef in your own chateau?

... grab that bottle of wine, my friend. We're about to make dinner really delicious.