Christmas Turkey (9-10 lbs)

Christmas Turkey (9-10 lbs)

Feeds 7-9 people

We are raising two heritage breeds called midget white and white holland turkeys on a locally milled Non-GMO feed, along with all the grass and bugs they want - and whatever else they find in the field! They are moved once per day to new patch of field with fresh water and feed.

By doing this, we not only bring you a superior product - the tasty centerpiece to your Christmas table, raised in small flocks on pasture, moved and cared for by hand, with non-GMO feed… but our practices help to build soil, and being raised and processed locally, keeps our carbon footprint small.


If our pick up date of 12/23 10am-noon does not work for you, we may be able to accommodate, just reach out - don't let that be a barrier between you and a delicious Honeymoon Farm turkey :)