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3 Easy Ways To Cook Poussin

May 13, 2020

You've heard about the delicacies of French-style cooking, but do you know how to cook this staple French ingredient?

What is Poussin, anyways?

Poussin are small young chicken - each weighs between 1-1.5 pounds - they can also be known as spring chicken or cornish game hen. They're perfect for a single serving.

The tender, delicate, lean meat cooks just like other chicken, just quicker. Our poussin are heritage breeds, raised on pasture, moved daily to fresh grass, and supplemented with fresh ground non-GMO feed from our local feed mill. They enjoy scratching through the grass, eating bugs, lounging in the sunshine, and are raised without any antibiotics or hormones.

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3 Easy Ways to Cook Poussin

  1. Baked Whole
    Just about the easiest way to make poussin is by roasting it whole.
    Check out this video recipe for baked poussin.

  2. Spatchcock Roasted
    If you're a fan of the Great British Baking Show, you'll love this video - Mary Berry shows her favorite poussin recipe, and exactly how to "spatchcock," a chicken for delicious crisp skin. Mary Berry's Ginger Orange Poussin

  3. Pan Sear
    This seems to be the most complicated of the methods, but the end result looks amazing - check out this recipe video from Bruno Albouze:

Ultimately, these are the 3 easiest ways to cook poussin. Roast or bake them whole, spatchcock in the oven or on the grill, or part them out and pan sear them, but most importantly - enjoy them!

I hope this guide is helpful. Do you have any tips you would add? Recipes you've tried? Let me know in the comments and please share this post with a friend if you enjoyed it.

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