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I signed up... now what?

An account on our website makes ordering and picking up at the farmers markets and drop sites both fast and easy - read more in this post about how to login and place an order.

How Chef Stacia is inspired by food, flavor, and heritage

In October 2019, Gary and I hosted our first ever farm to fork dinner at our home in Oxford. Chef Stacia of Maison Intimate Catering put together what Gary says, to this day, was the absolute best meal he has ever had. in. his. life. I asked Stacia to sit down with me and share her passion with me, to tell me more about flavor, food, her inspirations, the culinary arts, and what the deal is with offal - what is it and how the heck do I cook with it?

Honeymoon Farm June Newsletter

In this newsletter we share some family traditions, and three of our favorite mushroom recipes for summer parties, and an invitation to a special virtual event on the 4th of July.

Honeymoon Farm May Newsletter

In this newsletter we tell you about one of the beautiful, and at the same time, ugly, things about farming, give you a progress update on the herb garden, and the much anticipated Pip Squeak update (and new friends that quack)!

3 Easy Ways To Cook Poussin

You've heard about the delicacies of French-style cooking, but do you know how to cook this staple French ingredient? Learn about Poussin, and how to cook this tasty meat.

Honeymoon Farm May Update

Spring is rolling in and we are electric with excitement... find out why, and get a piece of that excitement! We share with you some tips on cooking with one of our newest products.