The #1 question we get asked about mushrooms

May 31, 2021

Mushrooms can be very intimidating and full of mystery - there's so many different kinds, in all different shapes, what do they all taste like? what are they good for? 

But the most frequent question that we get asked is...

How should I store my mushrooms?

We make it super easy for you...

You know that paper bag your mushrooms come in from us?

Just stick that right in the fridge.

Mushrooms keep best in paper bags in the fridge - place them on a shelf, not inside a vegetable drawer, and avoid putting them into an airtight container or plastic bag. 

The paper bag retains just enough moisture to keep them fresh but not too much that they'll spoil quickly - this is one of the reasons why the mushrooms you might find in the grocery store don't look as good and spoil pretty quickly (in addition to the grocery store mushrooms being picked maybe a week ago and handled by a lot of people vs. two or less days coming right from our farms)

It's important to note also that some varieties of mushrooms will spoil more quickly than others, while some are absolute rock stars after getting forgotten in the back of the fridge for a few weeks.

From my personal experience, here's the timeline of which mushrooms keep the longest (#1), from the most resilient to the most fragile and quick to spoil (#9):

  1. Shiitake
  2. King Oyster
  3. Maitake
  4. Portobello
  5. Crimini
  6. White Button
  7. Oyster
  8. Lion's Mane
  9. Yellow Oyster

The next most asked question (and a pretty important one at that) is...

How do you know if they've gone bad? If your mushrooms are slimy, mushy, or have a fishy or foul smell to them, toss them! This is your best indication that they've gone bad.

Have another question that I didn't answer here?

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